HR Manager

Human Resources – Occupational Health and Safety                                                                                                         

The resource manager allows for recording of courses, qualifications, plant holdings and other matters attributable to individuals or groups.

A register is maintained of all courses and qualifications, which are of interest to your organisation. These can include trade or tertiary qualifications, specific courses required for health and safety regulations. These can be grouped by course or qualification type.

The register can include external as well as internal courses. It can be extended to include plant or tools issued to individuals within an organisation.

A register is also maintained of employees and subcontractors. This can be tied in with the payroll if required. The normal approach is to separate the register from the payroll. This allows the person in control of payroll to be more assured that security will not be a concern.

The system allows performance dates and expiry dates to be monitored.

Resources Features:


HR price list

No of staff                  Start up or NFP                                           SME est Corp

<10                               $1900  ex gst                                             $ 1900 ex gst

11-20                           $2500  ex gst                                             $ 2500 ex gst

21-50                           $4200   ex gst                                            $ 6000 ex gst

51-100                        $6500   ex gst                                             $9500 ex gst

>100                            $9500   ex gst                                             $14000 ex gst


 Profile HR software enables the user to have compliance with all of the relative states and federal statutes.