Our Consultants

Profile Consultants

Profile Software harnesses the talents of many consultants specialising in diverse areas of organisational management - human resource management, business planning, occupational health & safety, environment, public relations, corporate governance, leadership, training, recruitment and ethics.



Specialist Consultants


Terry Fay


Alan Finn


Cathy McMillen


Mary-Louise Hall


Cordelia Clarke


Skye McMahon


   Associate Consultants


Andy Chapman



Marianne Norton

Assist IT and T


William Crendall

Crendall Computing Int


Paul Tilbury

PK and Associates

Developing strategies to assist in youth development and support.


Trevor Norton

Assist IT and T


Michael Kumar

Rash Computers

Experienced financial manager with specialities in IT systems and network administrations


Warren Bousfield

Lightning IT


Libby Chapman –




The following are experienced system analysts and programmers. They have been integral in the development and ongoing growth of Profile software, and continue to make significant contributions.


Sean Cunningham

Anthony Fay

John Fay

 Andre Tichler